Estonian climbers saved by chance

14.08.2018, 5:42

A helicopter that should have been carrying Estonian mountain climbers went down in the Pamirs at around 7 p.m. the day before yesterday. Latest information suggests the accident cost the lives of two pilots and three climbers.

Tammist to lose in salary as minister

14.08.2018, 5:39

Incoming minister of entrepreneurship and information technology Rene Tammist admits that he will be paid less as minister than as the sole member of the board of the Estonian Chamber of Renewable Energy.

Estonian defense forces fail to find Eurofighter missile in Endla nature park

13.08.2018, 3:59

After a thorough inspection, the Estonian defense forces on Saturday concluded searches in the current search area in the Endla nature park without having found components of the missile accidentally fired by a Spanish fighter jet on Tuesday nor evidence of...

The Prosecutor’s Office has always wanted to avenge itself on me

13.08.2018, 3:53

Estonia’s most controversial lawman, former Harju County Court judge Leo Kunman, retired exactly one week ago. His 24-year career as a judge is unique, since he was once tried for crime, received three disciplinary reprimands yet stayed in office until the...

Ukraine hoping to extend Kiev-Riga train route to Tallinn

10.08.2018, 2:56

The Ukrainian state-owned railway company Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways) is planning to extend the Kiev-Riga route soon to be opened to Tallinn.

Spain has had a number of mishaps with its Eurofighters

09.08.2018, 2:39

Just like the Estonian media, Spain’s largest daily El Pais made the mishap with the Eurofighter over Estonia the main news of its website Tuesday evening.

Live missile flew 80 kilometers

09.08.2018, 2:36

The air-to-air missile launched by the Spanish Air Force fighter over Pangodi, Tartu County, on Tuesday at 15.44 flew over three counties and covered 80 kilometers before falling into a forest in an uninhabited area at Jõeküla, near the Endla nature reserve...

Codeine addict: I can always get more in a pharmacy

08.08.2018, 12:55

By now he had been a codeine addict for three years. “It feels like someone hugging me all the time,” says Taavi, 24 (name changed) about his codeine dependence.

Inflation stays high

08.08.2018, 12:49

The economist Raul Eamets said when commenting the steadily high inflation that if the wage rise continues it may increase unemployment.

Estonian defense forces searching for battle missile launched accidentally by fighter jet

08.08.2018, 9:47

A Spanish Eurofighter jet accidentally fired an air-to-air type AMRAAM missile in the Estonian airspace on Tuesday afternoon, the flight path, location and status of the missile are currently under investigation and the Estonian defense forces has started...

NOA Restaurant apologized by sending champagne

07.08.2018, 6:10

The puzzle of the breakout of salmonellosis in the NOA high-class restaurant is slowly unraveling. Meanwhile, the restaurant has been compensating the damage to clients.

Cider makers demand tax deduction

07.08.2018, 6:07

Estonian craft cider makers complain over unfair treatment since the state grants excise tax deduction to small-scale breweries, but not to them.

First ever ERC Starting Grant goes to Tallinn University of Technology

06.08.2018, 6:02

Vasilis Kostakis, Senior Researcher at the TTÜ Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance received the prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant. Estonian Research Council has confirmed that this year Tallinn University of...

Traveling stones tell about history

06.08.2018, 3:05

The demolition of the old sea wall on the way of the future Reidi Road brought out several curious stones, which have traveled several times through Tallinn in the course of history.

People expect the government to lower alcohol excise

06.08.2018, 3:01

A recent poll shows that while most Estonia’s residents expect the government to lower the alcohol excise, the voters of the Social Democratic Party (SDE) feel quite differently.

Who can decide whether or not they are Estonian and citizens?

03.08.2018, 12:03

Meet Marina, born in an Estonian-Russian family in Haapsalu in 1963. She can speak Estonian. Mother of three, grandmother of two. Has lived in St. Petersburg for decades, a citizen of the Russian Federation.

EKRE set popularity record in July

02.08.2018, 3:11

The Estonian Conservative People’s Party was more popular in July than ever before, The Social Democrats, once ranking their equal, have dropped far behind. EKRE is only two percent behind the Center Party.

Breakthrough in the Danske money laundering affair

01.08.2018, 6:19

Yesterday (July 31) morning five minutes past nine the US financier Bill Browder received an e-mail from the Estonian Prosecutor General’s office, announcing that a criminal investigation has been started in accordance with the report of a crime submitted in...

Harmless pun or fraud in egg business?

30.07.2018, 5:44

When we study the codes printed on egg packages or eggshells themselves, we learn that “farm eggs”, “rural eggs” and “cottage eggs” come from industrial farms rather than a rural idyll. Estonian egg producer explains that this shows their domestic...

Hellish heat descends on Estonia

27.07.2018, 2:14

Estonia’s heat records are about to be broken, the weather service warns. A wave of unusually hot air, rare in the Northern regions, will reach Estonia on Saturday and Sunday. This may be welcome news for holidaymakers, but people with weaker health are...

Ossinovski: it is natural that politicians get tired and are relieved

26.07.2018, 12:08

Internal pressure in the Social Democratic Party became briefly almost explosive in the midsummer heat. But the party leader Jevgeni Ossinovski says that things are under control and the Social Democrats aim at increasing their support by 25 percent at the...

12 Danske Bank officials involved in money laundering scandal

25.07.2018, 11:08

Bill Browder, championing the rights of the lawyer Sergei Magnitski, killed in Russia, has submitted a new appeal to the Estonian prosecutor’s office, asking to launch a criminal investigation of 26 officials of the Estonian branch of Danske Bank, who...

An Estonian on K2: eight hours of terror

24.07.2018, 3:00

Andras Kaasik, an entrepreneur, completed yesterday a crazy undertaking he had started already back in 2015, but left unfinished – he became the first Estonian to conquer the 8,611 meters tall peak of K2. K2 is also known as Godwin Austen or Chhogor, a...

Jeroen Bult: The Baltic split: America First and Europe First

23.07.2018, 12:54

It seems like ages ago. Last April, the three Baltic Presidents, Kaljulaid, Vējonis and Grybauskaitė, crossed the Atlantic for a rendez-vous with their illustrious American counterpart, Trump. The official reason was this year’s celebration of the...

Pulp mill row leaves behind myths

23.07.2018, 12:13

The cellulose plant project was stopped – the people are satisfied and emotions calmed down. Politicians do not take blame for the row, but scientists, who have studied River Emajõgi, now say that the possible impact of the plant should have been studied,...

Number of drugs deaths declined steeply

19.07.2018, 12:49

The first half-year of 2018 saw a threefold reduction of fatalities caused by narcotics compared with the same period in 2017. The police believe that the reason is the disappearance of several strong narcotics from the market.

Alcohol feast across Latvia’s border speeding up

19.07.2018, 12:44

While some research firms predicted earlier this year the end of the cross-border alcohol trade, the brewers’ latest data of show that the feast in the border shops is only speeding up: the sales of beer and cider keep growing in sunny weather.

Drug dealers involved underage children in their business

17.07.2018, 2:14

The Tarty County Court on July 16 sentenced for narcotics trafficking a Tartu-based couple, Ivailo Siiman and Lunda Mitrauska, and a couple from Latvia, Alberts Burkevic and Izaura Burkevica; the latter had also involved their children in drugs trade.

Lack of information about mental illness obstructs the police

17.07.2018, 2:09

The police can handle dangerous mentally unstable individuals only after they have committed a crime, while prevention would require more information and efficient referring to psychiatrists.

Tänak drove his fans crazy

17.07.2018, 2:03

Ott Tänak steps on the top level of Rally Estonia podium in central Tartu. The viewers applaud as he hands the helmet to his codriver Martin Järveoja. Tänak radiates sheer happiness - the public roars and flags are flying. Will Rally Estonia thus establish...

Secret of the chosen: draft dodgers pay fine

16.07.2018, 2:08

Approximately one thousand young men in Estonia pay the state more than 150,000 euros fines for the privilege of evading compulsory military service. The top of the list is occupied by men working in Finland, sons of well-known businessmen and even athletes.

Mandatory dividends plan seen as catering to a single family

15.07.2018, 9:21

Political competitors and entrepreneurs see the social democrats' mandatory dividends bill mainly as a present to the Kovalenko family that has been fighting for the rights of small shareholders of BLRT Group for years. The Kovalenkos refute claims.

Hectic times at Nordica

15.07.2018, 9:18

Aviation circles were abuzz with news that changes might be in store at Nordica already late last week. CEO of the national airline’s strategic partner LOT even came to Tallinn.

NATO needs to be reinforced

12.07.2018, 2:50

Hysterical voices heralding the upcoming split and collapse of NATO could be heard before the summit in Brussels. These fears are baseless if the panic is caused by the Americans’ demand for Europeans to pay more for defense.

Palo’s utterance could prove decisive

12.07.2018, 2:38

The first battle in the in-house conflict of the Social Democrat Party (SDE) could be fought over Urve Palo’s suitability as a member of the government. Her utterance to weekly Eesti Ekspress is such a serious insult for social democrats that it is difficult...

New act in Baku saga

12.07.2018, 12:10

The story of how Estonian businessmen wanted to buy land on the coast of the Caspian Sea near the Azerbaijani capital to convert it into profit 11 years ago seemingly refuses to come to an end. Now, the Estonian prosecution is investigating possible fraud in...

Child born between Valga and Tartu

10.07.2018, 2:59

«Positive start to the day :) We helped deliver Mia to this world in the ambulance at 6.43 a.m. – congratulations!» ambulance crew member Alo Toom posts to social media. 

Drugs sold increasingly by schoolchildren

10.07.2018, 2:51

Marko (name changed), who has now turned 18, must spend four months in prison for selling cannabis. It turns out that young drug dealers are becoming an increasingly common phenomenon.

The women are not here to try

09.07.2018, 12:14

The Headquarters Support and Signal Battalion saw two female conscripts start alongside boys last week. Slender Mirjam Petti (27) was hard to spot among roughly one hundred young men who had assembled in the parking lot of the Defense Resources Board on...

«Estonia did nothing to investigate the matter»

06.07.2018, 6:36

A major money laundering scandal that concerned the Estonian banking sector and especially the Estonian branch of Danske Bank is growing.

Sensation unearthed in Toompea

06.07.2018, 6:33

Old walls unearthed during construction work suggest a medieval building of which historians had no knowledge stood in what is today the Bishop’s Garden in Tallinn’s Old Town. Head of heritage conservation in Tallinn, Boris Dubovik, referred to the find as...

Pope to celebrate Mass on Freedom Square when visiting Estonia

05.07.2018, 6:30

The Vatican announced on Thursday that Pope Francis will have two ecumenical meetings during his trip to the Baltics in September and among other things will also celebrate Mass on Freedom Square in Tallinn.

Eastern border to require €320 million

05.07.2018, 6:22

Development of Estonia’s eastern border, price of which was already adjusted up by €100 million in February, will require a further €60 million, putting the final sum at €250 million. Another €70 million will have to be spent on maintenance, the...

CNN security consultant: Vanessa Beeley a deranged crank

05.07.2018, 6:16

American journalist and security analyst Michael Weiss says that Vanessa Beeley, who gave a lecture to Estonian journalism students as part of an Uppsala University summer school, is a Kremlin information asset whose theories should not be taken seriously.

Vikipeedia goes blind

05.07.2018, 10:22

The question of whether the new European Union copyright directive is a threat to an open and free internet or whether it protects the quality of journalism and copyright is on the minds of interest groups prior to a vote in the European Parliament today.

School managers making a killing

04.07.2018, 5:51

Three property managers that have long-term concession contracts with the city of Tallinn paid owners a total of €4.7 million in dividends in 2017, up €1.2 million on the year.

Turtle returns home after three years in a lake

04.07.2018, 5:48

Turtle Fernando, who slipped away from his owner into Viljandi Lake three years ago, was found last Thursday at 5 a.m. by a fisherman. Fernando was returned to his owner the next morning.

State preparing for mass immigration

03.07.2018, 6:05

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is working on draft legislation to allow state agencies to handle a situation where an extraordinary number of immigrants arrive in Estonia in a short time.

Tallinn exchange livelier

03.07.2018, 6:02

The six months’ turnover of the Tallinn stock exchange might suggest that the market has come out of hibernation after several years; however, the upturn is rather the result of extraordinary events than sustainable growth of trading activity.

U.S. media: developments giving Estonia pause

02.07.2018, 5:56

U.S. Ambassador to Estonia James D. Melville announced on social media late Friday night that he will resign as a sign of protest against the policy of President Donald Trump.