Kallas: rapid price advance a conscious choice

19.10.2018, 12:24

Viimsi rural municipality mayor Siim Kallas, who has spent years serving in important offices in Brussels, describes as slander claims that the Reform Party ensured its long reign in Estonian politics by backstabbing its coalition partners and suggests those...

Kremlin networks to remain on air in Estonia

18.10.2018, 6:12

Three major Russian networks will remain on Estonians’ TV screens as service providers have no motivation to replace them. Most parliament parties are not willing to seriously discuss media restrictions or regulation.

EKRE member defends Nazi vindication

17.10.2018, 12:41

Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) Riigikogu elections candidate Kadri Vilba explained the party’s scandals on the “Postimees Live” program yesterday. She also answered a question regarding EKRE members’ past pro-Nazi comments by saying Hitler also...

Personal information of children publicly available for years

17.10.2018, 12:32

Schools’ information system EKIS allowed anyone to read and download descriptions of children’s medical condition, behavioral problems and family relationships for years. The Ministry of Education and Research blames careless employees of educational...

Enterprise minister: Estonian resources before foreign labor

16.10.2018, 2:20

Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology Rene Tammist (SDE), who has been in office for a little over one month, says that a hundred euros in salary support can motivate local governments to attract and maintain jobs.

Banking could use more folk wisdom

15.10.2018, 12:02

Chief Economist of the Bank of England Andy Haldane is worried that central banks have lost their influence as the common folk no longer understand or trust them. He is convinced turning to folk wisdom would help.

Another setback for MMS marketplace

12.10.2018, 12:17

Facebook shut down the forum and primary marketing channel of a group advocating the use of MMS a month ago, following a letter form the health board; now, Estonian banks have also stopped working with MMS and DMSO marketplace Mineral Garden.

Teachers to be able to search students

12.10.2018, 12:15

The Ministry of Education and Research has, after years of debates, secured the government’s approval for draft legislation to determine situations in which teachers have the right to search students.

Estonian soldiers teaching Africans to fish

11.10.2018, 7:09

Major Ivo Peets has been serving with the EU training mission in Mali (EUTM) for six weeks. Peets, who has served with the Kalev Infantry Battalion for several years, concentrated on developing a more effective conscripts’ training cycle to make the best of...

Spy left out in the cold: my homeland forgot about me

10.10.2018, 4:18

Estonian border guard officers asked Alexei Vasilev to get out of his car a little less than a year ago, on November 4 last year. It was three thirty in the afternoon. Vasilev (20) and his girlfriend had just reached the Narva border crossing point on their...

Plaintiffs accuse Nordica of duress

09.10.2018, 4:25

Former employees of Estonian Air say the government could have done a lot more to make sure the airline’s 182 employees would not be left penniless after its bankruptcy. Several are risking their career in Estonian aviation by demanding backpay and benefits...

Kangro takes a window seat

09.10.2018, 4:19

MP Tiina Kangro said yesterday that she will be leaving the parliamentary group of minority coalition partner Pro Patria and joining the Riigikogu independents sitting under the windows who now number seven. This leaves Prime Minister Jüri Ratas with 50 seats...

Estonian Family Foundation: we’ll decide once we have the money

08.10.2018, 11:21

Pro Patria has secured one million euros of the so-called protection money parties get to distribute to regional projects every year for a foundation yet to be founded – the Estonian Family Foundation. Support for the foundation is the biggest single...

Justice chancellor against broader assistant police powers

08.10.2018, 11:18

Chancellor of Justice Ülle Madise finds that planned changes to the Assistant Police Officer Act could lead to serious violation of fundamental rights.

Weekend’s youngest drug user just 12

05.10.2018, 1:44

Twelve percent of guests of dance music festival Weekend questioned by the Estonian Institute for Health Development (TAI) used drugs during this year’s festival. The youngest was just 12 years of age. Authors of the study admit its sample was not...

Government wants independent Danske report

05.10.2018, 1:39

The government decided yesterday that a separate report on events at the Estonian branch of Danske Bank is in order. Minister of Finance Toomas Tõniste (Pro Patria) has been tasked with deciding who will write the report and its contents.

Taking market from the big boys

04.10.2018, 1:17

CEO of Coop Bank Margus Rink says that banking is an exciting sector again as competition is picking up. It also turns out Estonians still love cash.

Nortal acquires U.S. developer

04.10.2018, 12:54

Estonian IT and business consultations services provider Nortal has acquired a software developer out of Seattle to reinforce its presence in the country and add another skill to its global services portfolio.

Days when the Rescue Board was stretched thin

03.10.2018, 6:36

The previous dry and hot summer sent the Rescue Board scrambling: rescue capacity was barely ensured on several occasions and rescuers had to respond to calls more than a hundred kilometers away.

Pension funds motivated to make more money

03.10.2018, 6:16

The Ministry of Finance has sent out for coordination changes to the second pillar of pension aimed at motivating fund managers to earn more money for future pensioners.

Key Nordica employees start new firm

02.10.2018, 6:07

Several key employees of national airline Nordica left the company and started a new venture to offer consultations in Estonia and Europe recently.

Government distributes €30 million in «protection money»

02.10.2018, 6:04

State budgets have traditionally left certain sums to Riigikogu factions that get distributed between projects close to MPs’ hearts. If in previous years, the current coalition has limited this “protection money” to around €4 million, the government...

Weekend full of politics

01.10.2018, 4:58

Politicians had a busy weekend that saw the Free Party meet in Rapla and the Estonian Diversity Party make its debut in Viljandi on Sunday and the four largest parliament parties hold their council meetings on Saturday – if the national conservatives,...

We have overtaken Uber in Estonia

01.10.2018, 4:55

Manager of Yandex.Taxi that started in Estonia just five months ago, Daniil Shuleyko, says that the ridesharing company already has the second biggest market share after Taxify despite rumors spreads by competitors of the firm’s association with Russian...

Contactless ID-cards to arrive in near future

28.09.2018, 3:28

The state will start issuing residents new ID-cards that sport a new design and security elements and come with contactless technology from the start of next year at the latest.

Volins’ citizenship approved by security police

28.09.2018, 3:23

Denis Metsavas and his father Pyotr Volin, currently suspected of spying for Russian foreign intelligence agency GRU, were on the internal security service’s radar for a time in the mid-1990s. Their citizenship applications include a positive background...

Tõniste: every budget is aimed at elections

27.09.2018, 3:51

Minister of Finance Toomas Tõniste (Pro Patria) told “Postimees Live” yesterday that everyone wants to make promises before elections, while it later turns out keeping them costs money.

Logistics company sues managers

27.09.2018, 3:41

Owners of transport and logistics company Via3L Spedition that lost all of its assets and employees over a single weekend have sued its former employees for €6.5 million.

Pope’s welcome warm for a secular country

26.09.2018, 11:59

Tallinn Airport, that saw Pope Francis and his delegation off to Rome yesterday evening, proved that out of the three Baltic capitals, Tallinn is the most courteous but also the most disciplined as people who had been accompanying the pope for the past four...

Finnish court takes into custody Estonian citizen involved in money-laundering case

25.09.2018, 5:44

A Finnish court on Tuesday took into custody an Estonian citizen connected with the company Airiston Helmi who is suspected of money-laundering and tax fraud.

Korobeinik: Reform does not want to win

25.09.2018, 2:17

Reform Party member, IT businessman Andrei Korobeinik (37) told “Postimees Live” yesterday that the Center Party will win the elections and his party will come in second.

Estonia 200 reveals shadow cabinet

25.09.2018, 2:13

Political movement Estonia 200 finds that the state could borrow to hike the salaries of teachers, professors and research fellows. Its long-term goal is to double research and development funding inside the next five years and raise salaries to ensure healthy...

Pope Francis becomes e-resident of Estonia

25.09.2018, 1:32

Pope Francis, who arrived in Estonia on a visit Tuesday morning, became the 37,647th e-resident of Estonia when President Kersti Kaljulaid gave the church leader the Estonian e-resident digital ID.

Investments from the wide world

24.09.2018, 5:23

The acquisition of the majority holding of Luminor by the world’s largest private capital firm Blackstone is the culmination of a series of major transactions that have seen Scandinavian investments replaced by money from the world beyond – Germany,...

Estonia's Reform Party loses ground to Center

24.09.2018, 11:53

The Reform Party remains the most popular political force in Estonia despite having lost significant ground to the Center Party, results of a survey commissioned by BNS and Postimees and carried out by pollster Kantar Emor in mid-September show.

Head of data protection failed EISS security check

21.09.2018, 3:11

The Ministry of Justice announced two days ago that Marko Aavik, who had just been appointed the new head of the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate, gave up the position of his own free will. The long-time deputy secretary general of the ministry actually...

State to pay for hiring in periphery

21.09.2018, 3:07

Even though unemployment is at a ten year low in Estonia, the government wants to support the creation of 400 jobs in peripheral regions.

Man who collected information for GRU caught by KAPO in July

21.09.2018, 2:21

The Harju County Court has found guilty a 32-year-old man who collected information for the Russian military intelligence service GRU, the Estonian Internal Security Service (KAPO) detained the man on July 1.

Interview: hands do not move by themselves, they are moved by the head

20.09.2018, 12:50

Head of the Estonian Financial Inspectorate Kilvar Kessler says that the watchdog was told by Danske Estonia that everything was fine over the years and that problems concerning non-resident clients were being addressed. That is not what really happened.

Headquarters failed to spot Estonians’ scheming

20.09.2018, 12:40

A report by a Danish law firm concerning large scale breach of anti-money laundering regulations in the Estonian branch of Danske Bank turned out to be a safe median section where the blame is laid on 42 former employees from Estonia, while the bank’s...

Tamsar has not changed his tune

19.09.2018, 2:45

Instead of frequent 180-degree turns, Estonia needs priorities and consistency in seeing them through,” head of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation Toomas Tamsar told “Postimees Live”.

Parties not in favor of universal health insurance

19.09.2018, 2:41

Even though the current health insurance system needs changing – none of the MPs questioned disputed that – parties do not support the Praxis Center for Policy Studies’ recommendation to give everyone in Estonia health insurance. Estonia has 120,000...

Estonian oil production breaking records

18.09.2018, 2:06

Oil shale oil production is once again profitable in Estonia, even despite a spike in mining fees. Total production grew to more than one million tons for the first time in 2017.

Turning the tax system on its head

18.09.2018, 2:02

Work and pay taxes and the state will pay for your medical bills – that has been the prevailing principle in Estonia for the past two decades. Now, experts are suggesting we drop it and offer universal healthcare despite increased risk of tax evasion.

World’s greatest cleanup bee run by Estonians

17.09.2018, 2:35

It was clear by yesterday that the World Cleanup Day, held on Saturday and run by a team of Estonians, was the greatest single cleanup action in the history of the planet that saw the participation of 144 countries. Hurricanes ravaging several continents...

Estonia gave Russian spy a residence permit

17.09.2018, 2:32

The public thought he would spend five years in Tartu Prison, while he was out in just 11 months. Russian citizen, jiu-jitsu coach Mikhail Petrov (44), who spent a long time spying for Russia in Estonia, has not been deported but is traveling the Schengen area...

Suitors appeared immediately

14.09.2018, 11:11

CEO of Luminor Group Erkki Raasuke says that prospective buyers approached Luminor immediately after the bank’s creation almost a year ago. Half of energy and attention was paid to topics like know your client, money laundering and sanctions.

Luminor acquisition deal of the decade

14.09.2018, 11:06

It was announced yesterday that the world’s largest private capital firm Blackstone will acquire the majority of Luminor Group that will mark the biggest transaction in the Baltic countries for the past decade and could possibly be the greatest ever...

Prospective citizens to qualify for free language classes

13.09.2018, 6:57

People applying for Estonian citizenship will gain access to free language classes from the new year. The state will also offer benefits for the duration of unpaid study leave, the Riigikogu decided by passing amendments to the Citizenship Act.

Transport company run by old pals

13.09.2018, 6:48

It became apparent on Monday that Tallinn city council member, former Reform Party member and incoming head of Tallinn City Transport AS (TLT) Denis Borodich has hired two people to serve on TLT’s board – Lennart Viikmaa and Otto Popel. Viikmaa and Popel...