Former Estonian defense chief Aleksander Einseln to be buried at Arlington

21.03.2018, 4:41

The remains of Gen. Aleksander Einseln, former commander of the Estonian defense forces, will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery outside of Washington on April 2.

Rubesa: joint management a European requirement

21.03.2018, 2:32

Baltic countries must put under their individual interests in the name of Rail Baltic as it is a European project in the Baltic region, CEO of RB Rail Baiba Rubesa says in an interview to Postimees.

Rubesa versus the Baltics

21.03.2018, 2:29

Desire to put the supervisory board and shareholder countries in their place is about to cost Latvian Baiba Rubesa her position at RB Rail.

Casino mogul sells life’s work

20.03.2018, 10:27

“It is sad, there is no activity on the market,” said then head of the Tallinn exchange Kaidi Ruusalep two minutes after the shares of gambling operator Olympic Entertainment Group came up for trade on October 23, 2006. “You can use this time to eat...

Half of robberies might be fiction

20.03.2018, 10:22

The police believe that around half of robbery reports in Tallinn and Harju County are made up. It would be funny if it didn’t needlessly burden the police or herald criminal consequences for the complainants.

Problematic children given last chance before prison

19.03.2018, 10:07

Last chance before prison – that could be the description of a new type of child care institution where children will be sent by the court.

People rate Ratas’ government

19.03.2018, 10:01

When Postimees’ journalists gave the government a D+ last fall, politicians complained of the press being unjustly displeased. Minister of Education Mailis Reps said that the grade was based on the  grader and not the work done.  A fresh poll suggests the...

Insurance company could collect €1.2 million from drunk driver

16.03.2018, 2:51

Ergo Insurance puts the estimated damage of a collision between a truck and a passenger train near Keila in late February at €1.2 million and could collect the damage from the truck driver who was drunk at the time.

Delivery departments of two South Estonia hospitals closed

16.03.2018, 2:48

Põlva and Valga hospitals will close their labor and delivery departments this fall, meaning that local women will have to give birth either in Võru or Tartu in the future.

Estonian PM calls off visit to Russia

16.03.2018, 10:50

Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas has decided to call off visiting the Days of Estonian Culture to be held in the city of Krasnoyarsk in Russia in spring.

Estonia's largest military exercise Siil to partially take place in Latvia

16.03.2018, 10:47

This year's Siil (Hedgehog) large-scale military exercise, which is to be Estonia's biggest military exercise since the country restored its independence, will be partially held on the territory of Latvia and commander of the Estonian defense forces Gen. Riho...

Defense forces accusing Sputnik of inciting hatred by drawing on false claims

15.03.2018, 4:53

The Estonian defense forces are accusing Russian propaganda channel Sputnik, which belongs to the Rossiya Segodnya group and which a resolution of the European Parliament called a "pseudo-news agency", of inciting hatred by drawing on false claims.

Tarmo Tamm: i was not present for the agreements

15.03.2018, 1:24

Minister of Rural Affairs Tarmo Tamm (Center Party) told Postimees in an interview yesterday that everything has been done by the book as concerns support for pig farmers.

Plane that made emergency landing in Tallinn landed with stopped engines

14.03.2018, 4:46

The Airbus A320-214 aircraft of the airline Smartlynx Airlines, which made an emergency landing at Tallinn Airport at the end of February, narrowly escaped a catastrophe because by the time of the landing both of the plane's engines had stopped.

Mart Helme: social democrats have principles, IRL does not

14.03.2018, 1:04

Europe is changing. This is reflected if only in Italian elections where anti-establishment parties won on both the right and left wings. The situation is much the same in other European countries Donald Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon is...

Taxify driver brandishes gun at clients

13.03.2018, 5:39

Friends who used the Taxify ridesharing platform in Tallinn this weekend were in for a scare when their driver David pulled a gun and told them to get off on Sõpruse avenue.

Foul play at squirrel’s nest

13.03.2018, 5:35

Efforts to keep current chairman Hanno Pevkur out can be seen a month before chairman and board elections at the Reform Party.

Former rural affairs minister Repinski: the idea was mine, but the initiative came from elsewhere

12.03.2018, 6:18

Center Party’s Martin Repinski (31), who was rural affairs minister for 18 days, says he doesn’t really know Urmas Laht. That they have met on a few occasions. When I first contact Repinski, he denies having met privately with Laht in the ministry.

Support hits too close to home

12.03.2018, 6:13

It only took Martin Repinski and Tarmo Tamm a few weeks as rural affairs ministers to change a regulation of swine flu support to accommodate the interests of connected companies. Pig farmer and Center Party member Urmas Laht, who paved the way for the change,...

Military service easiest after high school

08.03.2018, 6:08

Young men should report for compulsory military service straight out of high school when their health and physical condition is best and motivation higher, a study by the Estonian National Defense College finds.

Government’s work cannot be rated

08.03.2018, 6:03

The State Reform Radar initiative of the Estonian Employers Confederation and the Praxis think tank criticizes the government for lack of strategic management and cooperation, which is why it finds it impossible to grade the government for the previous quarter...

Coalition outsmarts EKRE

07.03.2018, 5:39

National conservatives were craftily robbed of an opportunity to pound their chests. The national anthem will be included in the law but will not get a separate act.

Tartu protests pulp mill

07.03.2018, 11:32

The university town does not need to become a foul-smelling pulp settlement – that is how one could summarize the debate of recent months over Est-For Invest’s plan of building a major pulp mill in the area.

Wolves attack resident’s dog in the middle of village

06.03.2018, 12:40

Three wolves attacked a dog in the village of Pürksi in Noarootsi on Saturday evening. The dog escaped with its life.

Fifth of Estonia drinking radioactive water

06.03.2018, 12:29

Three premature cancer deaths in two years. Total annual damage to society €1.7 million. That is the price of radioactive groundwater.

Ratas defended extraordinary pensions hike

05.03.2018, 12:36

Chairman of the Center Party, PM Jüri Ratas said at the Center Party’s council meeting in Kohtla-Järve that the party aims to win the upcoming parliamentary elections and will present a concrete election platform that will include sources for covering...

Woman dies in train accident

05.03.2018, 11:42

A 29-year-old woman died of injuries sustained after she was hit by a train near the Veerenni crossing in Tallinn on Saturday. The accident disrupted departures and people waiting for the Riisipere train at the Baltic Station were told to take shelter from the...

I thought I wouldn’t be cheated in Ämari!

02.03.2018, 1:15

The designs of a new staff building being constructed on the Americans’ dime in the Ämari airbase are so secret that they cannot be described in a newspaper. A contractor comes out and says that it doesn’t matter to him whether he is constructing an...

Lauristin sees fault in poor communication

01.03.2018, 6:04

The Social Democrat Party’s lowest rating in years – 11 percent – gives members reason to take a long hard look in the mirror prior to Riigikogu elections in 2019. Despite everything, the party has no reason or intention to even discuss changing...

Social democrats blow off steam but continue with Ossinovski

28.02.2018, 12:27

Hannes Hanso and Rainer Vakra remained the only leading figures of the Social Democrat Party (SDE) to swim upstream in pointing to the possibility of replacing chairman Jevgeni Ossinovski in light of the minority coalition partner’s waning rating yesterday....

Money laundering thread leads to infamous man

28.02.2018, 12:21

Danish paper Berlingske has a source who suggests executives of Danske Bank knew that people close to Russian President Vladimir Putin use the bank to get their money into the western financial system. The paper has several sources, including information from...

Court returns Port of Tallinn statement to prosecution

27.02.2018, 6:33

Harju County Court has sent the statement of charges in the Port of Tallinn case back to the prosecutor general as it finds the charges vague.

Social system wasted money for years

27.02.2018, 6:28

The state has made it possible for people earning a low wage or having trouble coping to register as disabled for years. While craftier applicants have been able to visit spas on the state’s dime, others who really need help have been forced to go without,...

Support for the gov. continues to fall

26.02.2018, 6:03

The combined rating of ruling parties fell below 40 percent for the second consecutive month in February. The gap between the two most popular parties, Reform Party and Center Party, remains at more than ten points. The Conservative People’s Party (EKRE)...

Banks looking at colossal fine sums

26.02.2018, 5:59

Incoming legislation will see fines for misdemeanors reach €20 million. However, speeders have no reason to fret as the new astronomical fine amounts are for banks and other financial institutions.

Who is our best-loved president?

23.02.2018, 3:14

The people of Estonia love former president Lennart Meri the best. Toomas Hendrik Ilves, who spent his two terms promoting Estonia’s e-success on the international arena, gambled away his popularity in the infamous Ärma farm scandal.

Capital looking beyond Estonia

22.02.2018, 3:18

Members of the Estonian Business Angels Network (ESTBAN) placed €11.3 million in startups last year a record-breaking part of which went out of Estonia.

Care clinic exec. admits to accepting bribes

22.02.2018, 3:15

One of the heads of the West Tallinn Central Hospital’s Nursing Care Clinic has admitted to accepting a bribe.

All crossings to get lights and barriers

21.02.2018, 2:46

The board of Estonian Railways has decided to install both lights and barriers on all category three railroad crossings after the Kulna accident yesterday.

«The shocked engineer looked right through us»

21.02.2018, 2:43

Alvar, who was riding in the first car during the Kulna train accident yesterday, described the events as follows: “Imagine that you’re on a train and it suddenly veers off and plows into a field. Window frames fell off, the doors became deformed and let...

State companies gain the most from subsidies

20.02.2018, 5:54

A theoretical possibility to divide Estonia in two in terms of European subsidies – into more developed Harju county and less developed rest of Estonia – was discussed last week. Looking at recent subsidies, it turns out the biggest beneficiaries in Harju...

Top scientist dies on ski trail

20.02.2018, 5:50

It was three hours into the Tartu Marathon when the alarm center received a troubled call: a skier had collapsed on the 35th kilometer of the trail.

Nine people injured in train-truck collision near Keila

20.02.2018, 11:48

According to the North rescue center, the number of people injured when a passenger train and truck collided at the Kulna railway crossing near the town of Keila in Harju County on Tuesday morning has grown to nine.

Luik: Lavrov’s hints were quite brutal

19.02.2018, 8:53

It hardly gained him any friends, said Minister of Defense Jüri Luik when commenting on Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s hints at rehabilitation of Nazism at the Munich Security Conference.

Estonia to adopt warning SMS system and weighs shelters

19.02.2018, 8:40

The state should create an SMS warnings system, consider a network of sirens, and build up the capacity to evacuate masses of people, a newly completed population protection concept details.

Disservice instead of gain possible

16.02.2018, 12:12

While splitting Estonia in two in the name of more European subsidies might increase support sums, making sensible use of the latter might become more difficult instead.

Presidential elections amendment doubtful

16.02.2018, 12:00

A year and a half separate us from the dragged-out previous presidential election, with no fundamental change in the election procedure on the horizon. At least during the time of the current composition of the Riigikogu. The procedure of constitutional...

Over 10 people arrested as suspects in membership of criminal organization

15.02.2018, 5:46

Officers of the Estonian Central Criminal Police have arrested more than ten people as suspects in membership of a criminal organization, including two high-profile businessmen and two former officers of the police and the Internal Security Service (ISS),...

Dividing Estonia could yield half a billion

14.02.2018, 6:52

The Riigikogu State Budget Control Select Committee is set to discuss Estonia’s chances for EU subsidies during the new budget period and whether it would be sensible to divide Estonia into two regions today.

Ammunition worth 200 million

14.02.2018, 6:47

The Ministry of Defense’s administrative area development plan for 2019-2022 prescribes three major additional investments: over €200 million will be spent on ammunition, €60 million on communication systems, and tens of millions on anti-air capacity.