Nuclear plant in place of oil shale?

14.06.2019, 1:24

Earlier in the week, Minister of Finance Martin Helme (EKRE) said that perhaps Estonia should consider constructing a nuclear power plant to ensure availability of energy. Experts tend to agree – there seem to be few long-term alternatives.

Kõlvart hits production team with ultimatum

14.06.2019, 1:17

Mayor of Tallinn Mihhail Kõlvart no longer wishes to negotiate with filmmakers and is set to send an ultimatum to the Los Angeles production crew of director Christopher Nolan’s new movie “Tenet”: the team can either accept the city’s proposal...

Central bank forecasts continued salary advance

13.06.2019, 1:59

The Bank of Estonia’s recent economic forecast suggests that salary advance will reach 8.1 percent this year; the central bank urges the government and people to favor savings.

Euroacademy forced to close doors

13.06.2019, 1:54

Minister of Education and Research Mailis Reps has made a proposal to the government to strip the Euroacademy of its license due to repeated violations of higher education regulations.

Prosecution: Ex-minister Kuusik suspected of physical abuse

12.06.2019, 3:41

The Office of the Prosecutor General confirmed that Marti Kuusik, who due to a domestic violence scandal resigned from the position of minister of foreign trade and IT after only a day and a half in office, is suspected of physical abuse.

Martin Helme says nuclear plant could be considered

12.06.2019, 3:33

Minister of Finance Martin Helme (EKRE) says that Eesti Energia must not allow the state energy sector to fall apart in a difficult situation as Estonia must be able to supply its own power.

«Entrepreneurs can bugger off out of passenger transport»

11.06.2019, 3:36

Legendary bus operator, owner of Lux Express Hugo Osula is concerned that the government’s decision to subsidize county coaches in full and give passenger train operator Elron millions will kill enterprise in Estonia.

Toxicity of fruits and vegetables not studied enough

10.06.2019, 4:37

A recent food safety report by the National Audit Office reveals that lapses by agencies in the administrative area of the Ministry of Rural Affairs have left consumers in the dark in terms of how much residue of dangerous pesticides they consume on a daily...

The plot of Nolan’s movie features Estonia

07.06.2019, 4:11

The heated debates about the possible location of the shooting of the Christopher Nolan movie Tenet in Laagna Road in Tallinn and the closing of the road brought Minister of Culture Tõnis Lukas to the government press conference on June 6.

Kadri Simson leaving for Brussels

07.06.2019, 4:07

The Estonian government approved Prime Minister Juri Ratas' proposal to nominate Kadri Simson of the senior coalition partner Center Party as the candidate for European Commissioner for the next iteration of the Commission as well as the current one, should...

Mart Helme doesn’t want an exception favoring the Abkhazia Estonian

06.06.2019, 5:57

After months-long work the Ministry of the Interior has completed an analysis, which provides concrete solutions for ending the legal confusion around the citizenship of the Abkhazia Estonians. But they promise to share its content with the public only after...

Russian ambassador: we need a hotline for emergencies

05.06.2019, 6:23

Interview with Russian Ambassador Alexander Petrov.

Estonian PM proposes to name Kadri Simson candidate for European Commissioner

05.06.2019, 5:00

Upon the suggestion of Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas, a proposal to name Kadri Simson of the senior coalition partner Center Party as the candidate for European Commissioner for the next iteration of the commission as well as the current one, should the...

Architect of the eurozone: the common currency is a definite success

04.06.2019, 12:13

Interview with architect of the eurozone Otmar Issing.

IT development to cost wages of 600 letter carriers

03.06.2019, 5:22

A former IT department employee of the postal company Omniva claims that the development of the state-owned firm’s information system spent uselessly millions of euros and that the problems, which have been disturbing the public, had been caused by mistakes...

Increasing the number of conscripts hits a glass ceiling

30.05.2019, 4:34

Interview with defense forces commander Major General Martin Herem.

Neighbors undermining Estonia’s excise plan

29.05.2019, 4:02

Minister of Finance Martin Helme has a theoretically brilliant plan: lower the alcohol excise tax, reduce cross-border trade with Latvia, increase the earnings of Estonian retailers and the state budget revenue. Yet the plan may easily fail.

The government started with bad budgetary news

28.05.2019, 4:02

The government reported yesterday that the budget strategy of the state for the next four years has been agreed upon. The two-week-long debate, which seemed time-consuming and hard, full of discussions lasting until late night, was finally completed yesterday.

Reform Party wins European Parlt elections in Estonia

27.05.2019, 12:02

The Reform Party won Sunday's elections to the European Parliament in Estonia, whereas the largest number of votes was garnered by Marina Kaljurand, top candidate of the Estonian Social Democratic Party (SDE).

La Muu wants to do great things abroad

27.05.2019, 11:57

According to Rasmus Rask, the founder and partner of La Muu ice cream firm, which completed a recent crowdfunding campaign with huge success, the people wanted to invest 4.6 million euros even though the initial target was 200,000 – 400,000 thousand. The...

State to sell road maintenance company

24.05.2019, 11:27

The government approved the sale of state road maintenance company Eesti Teed on Thursday – a plan that has been in the works since the time of Reform Party economy minister Kristen Michal.

MTA accuses Kingo of gross negligence

23.05.2019, 4:54

Estonia’s new foreign trade and IT minister Kert Kingo (51) is in the middle of a legal dispute with the Tax and Customs Board (MTA) after contesting a disciplinary penalty and a reduction in pay. The Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) minister describes...

Transferwise raises over €260 million in secondary funding round

23.05.2019, 4:52

Estonian money transfer company Transferwise has closed a secondary funding round of $292 million, or €261.1 million.

Budget strategy remains undecided

22.05.2019, 2:08

The government did not manage to repeat its predecessor’s feat of sorting out the next four years’ fiscal strategy during its spring outing. The state budget strategy for 2020-2023 (RES) remains open. Almost the only concrete decision from the seminar at...

E-services suffer worst breach yet

22.05.2019, 2:06

Estonia, one of the three most proficient countries in the world when it comes to number and level of public e-services, had to deal with a serious cybersecurity breach earlier this year when unknown criminals managed to hijack several digital identities.

Power outage brought chaos

21.05.2019, 5:22

A power outage this Saturday at an Elering substation in East Viru County was so extensive it resulted in chaos despite only lasting for an hour and a half. Transmission network operator Elering admitted the incident was difficult to understand and...

Budget: deficit versus broken promises

21.05.2019, 5:18

Yesterday morning saw the parking lot of the Vihula Manor slowly fill with dark cars from the back seats of which members of the government entered the manor’s palm house to discuss Estonia’s fiscal strategy for the next four years and next year’s state...

Trail left by mysterious Signaal leads to Urmas Sõõrumaa

20.05.2019, 11:22

Even though businessman Urmas Sõõrumaa has repeatedly denied involvement with successful public procurement participant Signaal, an investigation by Postimees suggests his ties to the company are longstanding and quite direct.

Solman just fine around Mart Helme

17.05.2019, 3:14

Minister of Population Riina Solman (Isamaa) told “Postimees Live” yesterday that she is in favor of retaining state funding for abortions, while she finds the registered partnership act to be faulty.

All three partners responsible for state of affairs

16.05.2019, 3:15

Frontrunner for the Social Democratic Party (SDE) for European Parliament elections Marina Kaljurand does not understand why Minister of Defense Jüri Luik (Isamaa) has been turned into a hero. Had Luik and six other people demonstrated enough backbone not to...

Bolt and Uber protest language requirement

15.05.2019, 4:06

Ride-hailing services, led by Uber and Bolt, are demanding and end to language checks for drivers in Tallinn where the municipal police (MUPO) has refused hundreds of prospective taxi drivers for failure to speak a word of Estonian.

Le Pen promoting EKRE

15.05.2019, 4:03

When head of France’s right-radical National Rally, MEP Marine Le Pen arrived in Estonia at midnight on Monday, she was in good spirits. “I came to meet with the head of the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) with whom we want to form a new parliamentary...

Vooglaid threatens ERR with protests

14.05.2019, 2:52

Head of the Foundation for the Protection of the Family and Tradition (SAPTK) Varro Vooglaid has launched a nationwide campaign of collecting signatures to put pressure on journalists and board of public broadcaster ERR.

Kert Kingo named EKRE’s new candidate for foreign trade, IT minister position

13.05.2019, 4:17

The new candidate of the Estonian Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) for the position of minister of foreign trade and IT is Kert Kingo, a member of the party's parliamentary group.

Secret Russian web orgies business in Tallinn

13.05.2019, 4:04

Alleged violence against young women, shocked property owners, disturbed neighbors, expensive rental apartments thrashed and suspicions of human trafficking all hit Estonia when a well-known Russian company set up its secret online orgies business in Tallinn...

Riho Terras: Trump’s unpredictability a strength

10.05.2019, 10:41

Former defense forces commander, current Isamaa European Parliament elections candidate Riho Terras believes that while Estonia will not be able to get a billion dollars from US President Donald Trump, increased military support could be realistic.

Population on the rise courtesy of more births and smaller emigration

09.05.2019, 4:10

1,324,820 people lived in Estonia on Jan. 1, 2019 – an increase of 5,687 people year-over-year as more births and lower emigration added to total population, according to revised data by Statistics Estonia.

Tallinn looking at new traffic jams from June

09.05.2019, 4:05

Carriage of goods through city center port would add kilometers of traffic jams from this summer.

Poland brings coastal defense missile system to Spring Storm

08.05.2019, 4:10

Polish troops participating in the Spring Storm (Kevadtorm) large-scale military exercise of the Estonian Defense Forces have brought with them a coastal defense missile system to simulate gunnery practice at seaborne targets, the online portal of public...

Luik: state’s reputation depends on every minister

07.05.2019, 7:12

Minister of Defense Jüri Luik (Isamaa) says that first of all, members of government should stop making gestures that carry a negative meaning for Estonia’s allies. There are no signs of damaged relations at this time, and everyone can sleep safe and sound.

European Parliament elections candidates to hold debate in English

06.05.2019, 5:12

Erinevate Tubade Klubi will host a several-hours-long elections debate tonight at 7 p.m. featuring Riho Terras (Isamaa), Taavi Rõivas (Reform Party), Kristina Kallas (Estonia 200), Yana Toom (Center Party), Peep Mardiste (Estonian Greens), Sven Mikser...

Culture minister: Kuusik's resignation unavoidable

06.05.2019, 10:09

Tõnis Lukas (Isamaa), newly appointed minister of culture of Estonia, said in an interview with public broadcaster ERR that resigning was the only option of Marti Kuusik, Conservative People's Party's (EKRE) minister of foreign trade and IT who was caught up...

Authority: Child protection must interfere in family life in case of suspicions of violence

06.05.2019, 10:05

By law, a child protection official has the right and responsibility to interfere in a family’s domestic affairs even in the event of a mere suspicion of danger, the Estonian Social Insurance Board said in response to an inquiry whether suspicions of...

EKRE leader accuses president of emotional behavior

03.05.2019, 1:06

Estonian Conservative People's Party (EKRE) leader and Interior Minister Mart Helme accused President Kersti Kaljulaid of emotional behavior during the swearing-in of the new Juri Ratas government.

Media execs lose nerve as politicians score one

03.05.2019, 1:01

Journalists critical of the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) Ahto Lobjakas and Vilja Kiisler have been hit by a wave of threats and their bosses an avalanche of orchestrated complaints. How did it come to heads of two media houses losing their nerve,...

Minister’s career cut short

02.05.2019, 12:51

The Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) Minister of Foreign Trade and IT Marti Kuusik (48) resigned the day before yesterday amid allegations of domestic violence. The national conservatives will name a new candidate in the near future.

Family of man shot to death sues police

30.04.2019, 12:26

The family of Jaanus Käärmann, who was shot to death by police officers in Tallinn’s Freedom Square the year before last, has sued the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA). Käärmann’s family had previously attempted to challenge the prosecution’s...

Allegations of domestic abuse against new minister

30.04.2019, 12:21

A more solemn Riigikogu sitting than usually began at 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon. The president arrived for the swearing in of the new government. Ministers signed their oath of office one after the other in front of the parliament. However, tensions had been...

Going after excise duties akin to Russian roulette

29.04.2019, 2:36

While Estonia’s alcohol excise duties hike paved the way for border trade with Latvia, lowering the rates back to their original levels might not reverse the damage. Moreover: it might lead to something worse.

Journalist: I was given a choice between self-censorship and leaving

27.04.2019, 4:52

Journalist and politics analyst Ahto Lobjakas has denied claims that he was fired from his show on the Raadio 2 station of Estonian public broadcaster ERR, and said that he left of his own volition, primarily on the issue of self-censorship, the...